Split-Type and Multi-Split Type Air Conditioning Systems: What Are the Differences?

Blog | December 3rd, 2018

During the warmer months of the year, it is so nice and at times, important to create a cool, comfortable atmosphere in your home or apartment. With the right air conditioning system, you can accomplish this goal in an efficient, economical manner. The split-type and the multi-split type of air conditioning systems are two options to cool homes and apartments. While each one is effective, they do differ with each other. To help illustrate this fact, we offer the following information about both systems.

What Is a Split-Type Air Conditioning System?

A split type of air conditioning setup includes one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. These two units are connected together in order to work in harmony. This type of setup is ideal for an open design where no walls hinder the flow of air from one section to the other. Also, it is perfect when only one room needs cooling rather than multiple ones. For example, install one of these systems for a home extension to cool it.

Definition of a Multi-Split Type Air Conditioning System

A multi-split system differs from the split-type one in that it can connect the outdoor unit to multiple indoor units. This system allows you to individually control separate rooms to fine tune your cooling needs in your home or apartment. In addition, you can mix the capacity levels to truly customise your cooling setup to fulfil your unique requirements.

Benefits of Selecting a Split-Type or Multi-Split Type Air Conditioning System

  • There are flexible installation options with either one of these systems since they are ductless and non-intrusive. Due to this fact, the labour charges for installation are less expensive than the installations for ducted systems for air conditioning are for houses or apartments.
  • Individual controls on multi-split systems help you adjust the coolness to everyone’s preference or needs room by room. Grandma may like it a bit warmer than the kids do for just one example of this benefit for a house.
  • Energy-efficient operation that reduces your power bills is another benefit of these types of systems.
  • You also can choose from a wide assortment of brands to ensure that the system agrees with your preferences and needs.

For additional information about the differences and benefits of split-type and multi-split type air conditioning systems, consult with A.D. Electrical Services. We specialise in installing all brands of these types of systems to cool your house or apartment efficiently in the warm months of the year. If a stock choice does not adequately fit your needs, though, we will customise to ensure that your home or apartment stays at the right temperature in each room to keep you comfortable even if the temperatures are sweltering outdoors.

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