CCTV Security System Installation: Benefits to Homes and Businesses

Blog | November 7th, 2018

Security is uppermost in most homeowners’ and business owners’ minds since both need to protect their belongings, properties and the people that come and go from their properties each day. In addition to alarms, they are installing CCTV security systems for the increased protection that video surveillance offers. The cameras of this system are strategically located throughout the owners’ property and structures to keep watch over everything 24/7 even when no one is present. Also, modern technology allows the owners to use their smartphones or other digital devices to stay connected with their CCTV security system no matter where they are at a given time. In the following facts, we list the numerous benefits of these systems for homes and businesses.

Real-Time Information about Who Is on the Property 24/7

Property owners of all kinds will receive real-time information about who is coming and going from their property 24/7 everyday of the year. At times, the owners receive this info in time to prevent issues from ever occurring depending upon how close they are to their properties.

Business Owners Can Keep Tabs on Their Employees

Another benefit of a CCTV security installation at a business is that the owners along with the managers can keep an eye on their employees. This is especially helpful at retail establishments where employees are constantly tempted to help themselves to the merchandise. Also, the CCTV system can protect the employees from harm.

Homeowners Can Keep Tabs on Their Childcare Providers

Along with the other benefits, a CCTV system can help the homeowners keep tabs on their childcare providers when the cameras are placed out of sight. Many parents have caught babysitters abusing the children. Babysitters and/or nannies have been fired as a result of this.

Deterrent for Burglary and Vandalism

Since the property owners post signs stating that they have a CCTV security system watching over their property, would-be vandals and thieves thick twice before performing their illegal activities. Usually, they will choose another property where they are not on camera.

Video Evidence for Law Enforcement

In the event that intruders perform their criminal activities in spite of the CCTV security systems, the property owners will have video evidence for the law enforcement agencies. As a result, the intruders will be convicted and either serve jail time or face other types of punishment for their illegal actions.

For further information about the benefits of a CCTV security system installation for homes and businesses, contact A.D. Electrical Services. We specialise in CCTV system installations, electrical work and services for split system air conditioning.

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