Split System Air Conditioning Maintenance: What Services Should You Get?

Blog | June 17th, 2019

Split system air conditioners are cost-effective, efficient options for cooling a variety of structures. As with all other cooling systems, these are an investment that should be taken care of correctly to prevent malfunctions. For this reason, you should receive periodic maintenance on your system. This will detect minor issues before they become expensive, costly problems to repair. We share with you the services that you should expect when you call a professional to come perform maintenance on your system in the following.

Replacement or Cleaning of the Air Filter

When the air filter becomes clogged the air will not flow through the unit easily and make it work harder than necessary, this can lead to the system malfunctioning or even completely shutting down. Through regular maintenance, the filter can be cleaned or replaced, depending upon the type of filter your system has in it. Even though this is a task that you can learn, a professional should also do it during his regular maintenance checks.

The Indoor Unit Might Require Cleaning

Many times, the indoor unit needs to be taken apart and cleaned to ensure that it will keep running at peak efficiency. In spite of the fact that it has a filter, dirt, pollen and other elements may accumulate on it.

Professionals Should Clean the Outdoor Unit for You

Another part of routine maintenance is the cleaning of the outdoor unit, which contains the condenser, compressor and fan. This unit gets bombarded by all sorts of natural elements from rain to leaves. Unless you receive the proper care on this part of your split system air conditioner, it is easy for it to wear before its expected lifespan.

All Connections Should Be Checked for Issues

Any pipes or other components of the liquid lines that are exposed need periodic inspection. If these develop a leak, it can cost you the valuable refrigerant that enables your system to cool air efficiently.

Refrigerant Level Needs Analysed and Possibly Refilled

One last service that your maintenance should include is a refrigerant refill if it is needed. If this level goes too low, your system can stop working.

Any Electrical Wiring or Components Should Receive an Inspection

Professionals also need to check the electrical components or wiring to ensure all are safe and durable. Shorts and other malfunctions can occur if these elements become worn.

Turn to A.D. Electrical Services to learn additional facts about the services that you should receive in split system air conditioning maintenance. We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance for these air conditioning systems along with security, solar and electrical services.

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