Residential Electrical Inspection and Rewiring Services: When Should You Have These Done?

Blog | January 30th, 2019

The electrical wiring of houses is crucial to their normal functioning of the heating and air conditioning systems, various lighting options, stove and oven, water heater dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer and small kitchen appliances. For this reason and others, you should receive a periodic residential electrical inspection to learn if you require rewiring services to correct or improve the electrical wiring at your house. An inspection can detect minor issues before they turn into serious problems along with it pointing out where the wiring lacks in functionality.

Examples of When to Receive a Residential Electrical Inspection

• Prior to purchasing any age of home. Even if a house is new, you need to safeguard your potential investment by having the house’s electrical system inspected before you purchase it.

• Include an inspection of the wiring system in your renovation plans to ensure that it will be adequate for your new needs. Also, you need the electrical system to be wired according to current building codes in your area.

• Unexplained electrical outages or glitches that are not related to the electric company’s issues. This is a sign that there may be frayed wiring, insufficient power reaching the outlet or other problems with the home’s wiring system.

The Issues That Rewiring Services Can Resolve in a House

• Replacement of frayed, hazardous wiring to make the electrical flow efficient and safe. Worn wiring can cause fires to occur in homes. Many homeowners overlook this source of danger until it is too late.

• Rewiring may be necessary just to update the electrical wiring in an old home to ensure that it delivers the necessary power for today’s digital gadgetry and various appliances. This is especially true when you buy a heritage house or any house of significant age.

• Renovations often call for rewiring since you may be relocating various fixtures, outlets and features. An extension may also require this service as well in order to attach it to the main part of the house in the appropriate manner.

• Damage from natural occurrences, such as fallen trees or storms also calls for rewiring services to remedy it. After all, these types of disasters can affect more than just the roof area.

To learn additional information about why you need a residential electrical inspection and rewiring services in your house, contact A.D. Electrical Services. We specialise in all types of electrical services from simple repairs to complex rewiring or new wiring projects. Let us help you have a highly functional and safe electrical system in your home. You will receive a guarantee of satisfaction with all of the jobs we undertake for you.

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