Domestic Switchboard Upgrade: Why Should You Get Rid of Your Old Ceramic Fuses?

Blog | April 2nd, 2019

If your house is of a certain age, it may still control the electrical power through the use of a fuse box. These boxes contain ceramic fuses that blow out when there is an overload or a short, and you must replace them with new ones to receive power through the allotted electrical cable. Replacing them can be a hassle, especially in the middle of the night or when you run out of spares. A much more efficient way to control your power is through the use of a switchboard. When one of the switches deactivates in these boards, you simply reset it unless the problem needs the attention of a certified electrician to remedy it. We provide additional information below as to why you should replace your outdated ceramic fuses with a switchboard upgrade.

The Need to Replace Blown Fuses

Trying to keep enough new ceramic fuses on hand for the times when one blows can be difficult. A fuse typically blows due to an overload on its specific electric cable. Too many appliances operating at one time are just one cause of this. Another reason that a fuse can blow, though, is when the cable shorts out. Shorts happen when the cable is frayed or worn in one area.

Cables Can Melt in Fuse Boxes

When a cable becomes loose from its allotted fuse, it can heat up and melt due the electricity jumping from the source rather than flowing smoothly. This places an excessive strain on the fuse and cable, which causes the electricity to arc, and this can spark to the point of starting a fire.

Fires Starting Behind the Fuse Box

As we mentioned in the previous section, electrical arcing can create enough spark to start a fire. At times, the fire is quite evident and easy to spot, but at other times, it may smoulder for a time before being obvious. In the second case, the fire can spread to other parts of the house before you can extinguish it. As a result, the damage may cost more to repair.

Your Old Ceramic Fuses and Electrical Wiring May Deliver Inadequate Power for Your Present Needs

An additional reason for replacing your outdated ceramic fuses with a switchboard is when your electrical system and fuse box do not deliver sufficient power to your house for your present load requirements. All of today’s electronic devices place a heavy demand on the electrical system of a house, and you must adjust for it if your house is too old.

For further information about this topic, contact A.D. Electrical Services. We have the expertise to perform a domestic switchboard upgrade in a quality fashion, regardless of the age of your house.

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