Security System Installation Services: What Are the Benefits of Video Intercom Systems?

Blog | May 1st, 2019

Today, security is a top priority for all property owners whether they are protecting a commercial, industrial, residential or other type of structure. Without the proper equipment, it is impossible to see who is coming and going from any structure. Video intercom systems allow you to screen all of your visitors with not only audio but also visual confirmation of their identity. The following are the primary benefits of installing one of these systems to safeguard your property.

Visual Confirmation of Your Visitors’ Identity

With just audio versions of intercom systems, you only receive the person’s voice for identification purposes. However, with video versions of this type of system, you receive both audio and visual verification of who your visitors are, which doubles the security benefit of an intercom system.

You Can Avoid Problematic People

After the two-way, audio and video communication, you can allow the desirable visitors into your house or building. You can deny entry to anyone that you do not want inside your structure. Also, when you are protecting a commercial, industrial or other type of building that uses security staff, you can alert your security people of any problematic visitors who they need to escort from your property.

Improved Interior Communication When Necessary

Video intercom systems are not just for entry doors. You can utilise them for communication within the interior of your structure as well. This way people can interact easily without leaving their rooms or allotted areas.

Prevents Crime

Since you can screen people in a highly accurate fashion with video intercom systems, you can prevent criminal activity from occurring on your property. After all, vandals and thieves will not want to be caught on video perpetrating their crimes.

Customisable for Use as Access Control

Another advantage of a video intercom system is that it is customisable in order for you to use it for access control inside your structure to restrict entry to certain areas. Only authorised personnel will be allowed into these areas. These systems are easier to keep in use due to the fact that no key cards are required.

Great Addition to Other Security Measures

On top of the above benefits, a video intercom system is an ideal add-on for other security methods, such as an alarm system. You fortify the security of your property to ensure it is as safe as possible.

For further details about the advantages of video intercom systems, contact A.D. Electrical. We can install the right setup to protect your structure, regardless of its size or purpose.

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