Fog Cannon Security System: Not Your Typical Security System in Melbourne

Blog | March 5th, 2019

If you are like other property owners, one of your major goals is to protect your home or building along with your belongings as much as possible from intruders. Many property owners install common methods, such as alarm and CCTV systems, to accomplish this task, but they may overlook the most innovative method, namely a Fog Cannon security system. This latter system can be used alone or be integrated in with the other ones and does far more than just alerting you and the police or scaring off intruders. It releases fog that makes it impossible for the intruders to see to perpetrate their crimes. Learn additional facts about this system in the following details.

Fog Cannon Systems Provide Inconspicuous Security 

While other types of security measures stand out in a building, the components of a Fog Cannon system are easily hidden behind the walls and ceilings. Therefore, the intruders will not be expecting the release of the security fog from the system. You take them totally by surprise.

How Fog Cannon Systems Perform Their Function

As soon as the Fog Cannon system detects an intruder, it releases dense fog in the entire room. This fog makes it impossible for the intruder to see what he or she is doing.

Security Fog Is Highly Effective at Deterring Intruders

The security fog is so effective that it even can delay the intruder’s departure up to an hour, which enables the police to arrive on the scene and make an arrest. Also, since the police catch the person in the act, there is less risk of him or her avoiding prosecution for the crime.

Fog Cannon Security Systems Are Ideal for Any Size of Structure 

Professionals can design the Fog Cannon security system to suit your structure. This system is just as effective for large warehouses and industrial buildings as it is for all sizes of homes along with other types of structures.

The Security Fog Is Completely Harmless

Another benefit of the security fog released from a Fog Cannon system is the fact that it is totally harmless to humans, pets, electrical equipment, furnishings or clothing. It does not leave any residue.

A Fog Cannon Security System Provides You a High Return on Your Investment 

You will receive years of reliable security from this type of security system. As a result, you will also realise a high return on your initial investment in it.

For further reasons why the Fog Cannon security system is not your typical security system for properties in the Melbourne area, turn to A.D. Electric. We specialise in installing this system as well as other security systems. Also, ask about our other electrical, air conditioning and solar service offerings.

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