Common Causes of CCTV Security System Failure

Blog | May 15th, 2019

While a CCTV security system is an ideal addition to any structure’s security measures, it must be in optimal working condition 24/7 for the property owner to benefit fully from it. If it malfunctions at the wrong time, it can allow intruders to sneak into the house or building that it is supposed to be protecting. To ensure that your CCTV setup works as well as possible, you need to learn the following common causes for it to fail in its function.

Inadequate Power Supply

Cameras need the appropriate voltage to run properly. You must match the electrical power to the needs of your specific cameras. For example, a 24-volt camera requires a 24-volt power supply. CCTV cameras vary, so check yours to ensure that they receive the correct voltage.

The System Needs Additional Cameras to Cover Area Effectively

Another reason that a CCTV security system can fail to produce the desirable results is that there are an insufficient number of cameras to watch over your structure effectively. Each camera covers a certain amount of area, and you must install enough cameras to prevent a gap in surveillance.

Interference From Nearby Sources

Electrical lines or equipment that is nearby can cause interference with a CCTV setup. Your video reception may be so filled with static that you cannot see what is happening in your structure.

Improper Installation of the System

Any CCTV security system requires skilful, professional installation to be certain that it is hooked up in the proper fashion. The correct cables and connectors must be used to connect all of the components together according to the manufacturer’s specifications. There is no way that video can travel smoothly from the cameras to the monitors or other devices if these elements are loose. Cheap, low-quality monitors will not deliver clear results when this is your method of monitoring your CCTV system.

Lack of Integration

An additional issue that can cause failure of a CCTV setup is insufficient integration. Having the capability of re-watching the video feeds from your cameras is important as the ability to monitor your system from your smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet.

Hardware Issues

A malfunctioning hardware can be another reason for CCTV failure. A malfunction of this nature may happen from mechanical or firmware problems.

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