Most Common Split System Air Conditioning Defects That Call for Repair

Blog | June 3rd, 2019

Many property owners strive to keep the interior of their houses or buildings comfortable all throughout the year. As part of their efforts to accomplish this, they install split system air conditioning or AC setups. If you have followed along with this group, you should understand the most common defects that can occur in these systems that call for repairs.

Water Leakage

When you see that water is leaking from your split AC system, it is most likely a problem with the condensation drain line. This line must be open at all times for the water from the condensation to drain out of the unit. If it is not mounted right or is clogged, you must correct the issue immediately to prevent water damage from occurring in your house or building.

A Leak in the Refrigerant Line

One sign of this type of leak is if your AC is not cooling as efficiently as it should for you. Usually this happens in the outside unit or line rather than in the interior part. Your unit can quit working completely if it runs too low on coolant. Refrigerant is refillable, though, as soon as a technician repairs the leak.

Fan Failure

The air must move through the split AC system effectively for you to receive full cooling benefits from it. In the outside unit of your system, there is a fan that blows the cooled air into your indoor unit. Fans can quit working when their motors malfunction. They are simple for a technician to replace.

Clogged Air Filter

Filters capture dirt, pollen and other debris and keep it out of the mechanics of your system as well as the air that it releases into your home or building. While you can learn to clean any necessary filter on your own, if you allow it to become clogged, it can shut down the split AC system.

Compressor Issues

An AC compressor is located in the outdoor unit in a split system setup and over time, it can malfunction to where it needs repairing or replacing. It probably is the most important part of your AC system. The compressor places the refrigerant under pressure to compress it prior to sending it to the condenser, which is coiled copper tubing, and it moves the refrigerant at a rapid rate into the other parts of your AC system.

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