Split System Air Conditioning Maintenance: A.D. Electrical Services Can Perform the Job

Blog | March 18th, 2019

Even though a split system air conditioning or AC system is the dependable, economical choice for your home, it will require maintenance occasionally to perform optimally. Proper care of this system is the only way to ensure that it will provide you with years of efficient performance at all times. Also, you will protect your warranty by maintaining your system correctly. Our company, A.D. Electrical Services, not only installs these systems, but we also provide maintenance services to help keep them working when you need them the most.

We Provide Service and Maintenance on a Variety of Brands

Whether you purchased your split system air conditioning system from us or from another company, we may still be able to maintain and service it for you since to do so for brands such as:

• Bonaire
• Breezair
• Braemar
• Brivis
• Coolair
• Carrier
• Daikin
• Fujitsu
• LG
• Lennox
• Mitsubishi Electric
• Samsung
• Panasonic
• Toshiba

Our Company Conducts Inspections to Locate Possible Issues

To ensure peace of mind with your split system air conditioning system, we will customise an ongoing maintenance plan to your specific needs and budget. This plan includes inspections to locate possible malfunctions and problems. During these, we check for the following:

• We examine all the AC system’s parts and components to learn if they are working correctly and are in the ideal condition.

• Clean or replace filters when necessary.

• Change out old, broken parts for new ones.

• Perform electrical checks on all of the wiring to be certain that it is up to specs, durable and safe.

• If needed, we will test for carbon dioxide on your unit to keep you safe from an overexposure to it. You may or may not require this service depending upon the brand of system you own.

• We also perform any other service that is necessary to keep your system running at peak efficiency.

A.D. Electrical Services Repairs All Malfunctions in a Timely, Expert Way

In between our ongoing maintenance inspections, we answer your call for help in a timely, highly skilled fashion. We do not want you to be without your air conditioning any longer than necessary when you need repairs or a full replacement. In addition, we back our work with a guarantee of satisfaction along with whatever warranties come with the parts or system.

Reach out to us directly or browse through our website to learn additional details about our company or service offerings. We specialise split system air conditioning installation and maintenance, electrical services, solar PV panel systems and security systems. Also, on our site, you can view the projects that we have completed and learn about your payment options with us.

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