Air Conditioning Units in Melbourne: How to Know the Right Type for Your Home

Blog | July 17th, 2019

Keeping their houses cool during warm and hot weather is a major goal of most homeowners here in Melbourne, Australia. If you are among them, you may be trying to decide which air conditioning or AC unit will accomplish this task the best in your house. To select the right one, you must learn about the different options that are available on the market today. In the following, we explain two of the most popular options at present, namely split system air conditioner and multi-split system AC setups.

Description of Split System Air Conditioners

The split system air conditioners are ductless and include one outdoor compressor unit and an indoor unit that contains the evaporator and fan to deliver the cool air into the room. An air inlet, compressor, liquid coolant and air discharge vent is in the outdoor unit. In the indoor unit, there is an evaporator, a filter and a fan along with power hookups. Tubing connects the two units to allow the air to flow at the proper rate. These AC setups are meant to cool only one open area and not multiple rooms.

What Are Multi-Split System AC Setups?

While these air conditioners work in the same basic fashion as the split system ones do, their condensers link up with multiple indoor units. You can customise your multi-split air conditioner to cool as many rooms as you need it to in your house.

Benefits of Split and Multi-Split System Air Conditioners

Since neither of these air conditioners require elaborate duct work, they are simple to add to any home post-construction. This is something that cannot be said about a ducted AC system due to the fact that the ducts have to travel to many parts of the house unseen in the walls. To install one of these systems after a house is completely built, you would have to tear up part of the walls and ceilings. Also, split and multi-split air conditioner cost less to install than a ducted system does. On top of all of these, multi-split AC setups allow for personalised temperature options in each room easily.

For further facts about which of the air conditioning units are ideal for your home in Melbourne, contact A.D. Electrical Services. We specialise in installing both the split system and multi-split system AC setups. Our company will meet with you to analyse your needs and design a setup that suits your exact specifications and needs for cooling before providing with a quote for your consideration. All of our products, materials, and workmanship are guaranteed to please.

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