Energy-Efficient, Split-Type Air Conditioners: Qualities That Make These the Best Choices for Melbourne Homes

Blog | February 14th, 2019

If you are like most homeowners here in Melbourne, Australia, you prefer your house to be cool during the warm months of the year. You may be in a quandary over how to accomplish this goal in the best manner, though, since there is more than one way to go about it today. One highly popular method available at present to cool houses is the energy-efficient, split-type air conditioners or AC systems. To illustrate why these are so popular, we share with you the following qualities that draw homeowners to them.

What Are Split-Type Air Conditioners?

Split air conditioners differ from centralised types of home AC systems in that they do not require ductwork throughout the house. They consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor one is connected to the outdoor with wires and tubing that is much smaller than traditional ducts are in the more complex, centralised AC systems. As a result, installation is simpler, which means a cost savings for you. Also, the ductwork on centralised systems diminishes their energy efficiency. Read of for more information about the quality that draw homeowners to the split style AC systems.

Qualities That Make These Air Conditioners Appealing to Homeowners

• The first quality that draws the homeowners to the split AC systems that we would like to point out is that they are quieter than centralised ones are since the part that makes the most noise is the compressor unit that also contains the condenser and fan, and this unit is installed outside the house. On the inside of the house, the other part contains the evaporator, a filter and another fan. The indoor unit operates in a much quieter manner than the outdoor unit. In comparison, a centralised AC system contains a blower inside the house that produces as much noise at times as its outdoor part does when operating.

• The split AC system provides you the convenience of a window unit and higher energy efficiency than a central unit does for the most part. Unlike a window unit, though, it does require professional installation.

• You also can opt of the multi-split version of this AC system when you need more than one room cooled at a time. This version allows you to set the temp in each room to a different temp when desired.

To receive further facts about energy-efficient, split-type air conditioners, contact A.D. Electrical Services. We specialise in installing and maintaining this type of air conditioners as well as offering other electrical services. Upon request, we will issue you a quote of all services that you require from us to address your unique needs.

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